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Position description:

Reporting directly to our chief of operations (CO), the marketing assistant supports the organization in its efforts to improve its social media presence, digital footprint, and overall communications.

Tasks include:

-Working hand in hand with our web agency

-Draft compelling emails and aid in the preparation of our annual report

-Social media content creation and publishing on our social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram

-Create content using Canva

-Keep our website updated with content such as blog posts and up to date information

-Participating in strategic marketing and fundraising discussions

-Coordination of translation and other marketing tasks as assigned by the CO

Skills needed: A good knowledge of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Proficient in creating designs using templates on Canva.

Summer position: 16 weeks / 35 hours per week

Salary: $16.25 / hour

Location: The West Island Assistance Fund, 21 Centre-Commercial St. Roxboro-Montréal, QC H8Y 3K6

If interested, please send a copy of you CV by email to