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Volunteering at WIAF is a rewarding and stimulating experience while helping to fight food insecurity within the local community. Not only does it allow you to meet new like minded people within the community, it allows you to help those in need.

Each volunteer position is different and showcases different skills and personalities. To find your perfect match, read the volunteer position descriptions below and find the best fit for you! WIAF has a space for everyone and we are always thankful for new smiley faces. We couldn’t do it without you!

Food Bank

Counter Service

If you enjoy talking and connecting with people and have an interest in customer service, serving clients at the food bank counter may interest you. 

Volunteer description:

Availability: Tuesday to Friday between 9:30am-4pm.
  •         Sort, dispose and ensure the rotation of the food products intended for the clients.
  •         Read, understand and apply the COVID-19 protocol.
  •         Welcome the clients and ask them to choose their bread.
  •         Prepare the groceries for the clients according to their food preferences.
  •         Proportion and pack ingredients received in bulk according to the manager’s guidelines.
  •         Fill the tablets, fridge and the freezer.

Grocery Clerk

Being a grocery clerk at the food bank is a physical and stimulating job. Good teamwork skills and taking initiative are essential. 

Volunteer description:

Availability: Tuesday to Friday between 9:30am-4pm.
  •  Help in the management and proper storage of the fridges and freezers. Ensure the rotation of products according to the specifications of the manager. 
  •   Help to unload the truck during the deliveries.
  •   Sort the contents of boxes and place them on the shelves designated for their purpose.
  •   Proportion the products.
  •   Sort the fruits and vegetables and ensure preservation.
  •   Keep the workstation clean and disinfect before and after each task.

Refrigerator and Counter Stocking Clerk 

Refilling the counter fridges is a physical job that also requires an aspect of creativity. Having an interest in customer service and a good knowledge in fruits and vegetables are an asset.

Volunteer description:

Availability: Tuesday to Friday between 9:30am-4pm.
  •   Sort and pack fruits and vegetables when they arrive.
  •     Place the fruits and vegetables in the counter fridges.
  •     Ensure the turnover and replenishment of stalls. Sort and dispose of damaged fruits and vegetables as the supply progresses.
  •     Sort fruits and vegetables for a final time. Protect the fruits and vegetables for the night and then close the fridges.

Thrift Store

Having an interest in fashion, customer service, and a friendly disposition are assets when working in our thrift store. 

Volunteer description:

Availability: Weekdays between 9:30 am and 5 pm.
  • Sort through used clothing items to keep the items that are in good condition. 
  • Organize clothing and small household items for clients viewing. 
  • Willing to do light cleaning such as dust, vacuum, etc.
  • Willing to learn cash register systems.
  • Minimum of 1 – 4 hour shift per week.
  • Able to be on your feet for 4 hours.
  • Able to lift up to 10 pounds.

Garden of Hope – Collective Garden

Enjoying the outdoors, meeting new people, understanding and/or being willing to learn about gardening and cultivating fresh produce are essential to volunteering in our community garden. Volunteers should be willing to get their hands dirty and teach others about our beautiful garden. 

Volunteer description:

Availability: Weekdays between 9:30am-4:30pm. 
  1. Participate in garden set-up and planting (early season) : Place pallets, spread mulch, fill geotextile bags with soil, plant vegetables and flowers and place the furniture in the resting area.
  2. Pick up vegetables for participating families of WIAF.
  3. Welcome participating families and visitors.
  4. Guide participating families through the tasks to be accomplished.
  5. Guide the children of the daycare center during their visits.
  6. Maintain a log of all participating families and visitors.
  7. Garden maintenance and upkeep, including pruning, watering and treating plants and flowers for insect infestations
  8. Assist the Coordinator in organizing events:
  • Garden opening
  • Garden workshop
  • Visits from municipal officials and others
  • BBQ for participating families and WIAF employees
  • Closing of the garden
  1. Put recycling, compost and garbage containers at the curb.
  2. Participate in garden dismantling (end of season)

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