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Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering for the West Island Assistance Fund (WIAF) is about contributing to the well-being of the community. You will be providing nutritious and healthy foods for those who need it the most. Food insecurity is a crucial issue that impacts thousands of households in the West Island.

Benefit from a dynamic environment and meet new people

A volunteer gives, but also receives a lot in many aspects: gratification, experience, a feeling of accomplishment, self-confidence and more. Come get these benefits by becoming a volunteer for the West Island Assistance Fund (WIAF).

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We are constantly looking for motivated and engaged people who would like to join our teams. All spontaneous applications are welcome.

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At first, I worked at the food bank to give back to the community what I had received from life. Over time, I discovered that I still received a lot from my colleagues and clients. Working here, in the end, is rewarding.


Volunteering at the food bank is great. When you volunteer to help others, you are helping yourself as well. I definitely recommend it for everyone! We all can do so much good in the world when we give back to our community. 2020 is my 16th year at the food bank. I have learnt that volunteering makes the world a better place and by helping others it provides an immense personal satisfaction.


The greatest thing about working at the WIAF is meeting all kinds of people from all over the world. Everybody has a different background and unique life story. And we happen to live in the same country at the same period. Even though we usually exchange only short conversations with our clients, I often feel life is mysterious and worth living.


Retired and a volunteer at the food bank for over 10 years, this is an opportunity for me to give back to others and to be in contact with very different people. To give time is to feel useful. The joy of volunteering is seeing the small gestures that make us feel alive and joyful.